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The Angels Knew

The Angels Knew

Nick & Becky Drake

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Written by Nick & Becky Drake and Dan Weeks

CCLI# 6300988 What is CCLI?

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The angels knew from long ago
That God so loved the world and would not let it go
And prayers of saints across the years
Were crying out for a Messiah to appear

Where can he be? This child of God
The wise men longed to see who they’d been dreaming of
The star shone out, the angels sang
The sound of heaven ringing out across the land

Gloria, gloria
Gloria, gloria

Into the night, into the cold
Onto the stable floor the Son of God was born
From heaven’s throne, to Mary’s arms
The God who made the stars became like one of us

Christ is born, Christ is born
Christ is born, Christ is born

This day of love, this day of grace
This day when God came to embrace the human race
The hope of all, the light of life
The King of Glory born to die for you and I

Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus