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Our Queen

Our Queen

Songs for School (featuring Becky Drake & St Peter’s Smithills Dean Primary School)

Written by Nick & Becky Drake, Alex Hart

CCLI# 7197550 What is CCLI?

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This is a moment
In our history
As we remember our Queen’s jubilee
We’ll raise up a cheer or a fine cup of tea
For seventy years of our Queen’s sovereignty

So we celebrate today In our very British way!
Flags are on display
And we’ll party through the day!
Even if the rain pours down on me
We’ll not stop singing for our Queen

Over the years, through the lows and the highs
She has been been faithful and humble and wise
Led by her faith, she has prayed for us all
We are so thankful for all she has done

God save our Queen we’re all singing
This jubilee, raise your voices!